Invisalign for Kids

February 18, 2016
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Moms and Dads are you considering braces for your kids?  Do you think you need to go to an orthodontist?  What if we told you that studies indicate that Invisialign might be faster, less expensive, and enable patients to better care for their teeth because they can remove the devices and thus allow for better oral hygiene and brushing.  Dr Stringer is a certified Invisalign provider .  She has taken advance training in invisible braces and encourages all patients to explore removable braces for children, teens and adults before having fixed braces attached. 

The primary benefit is that better hygiene can be performed because the devices can be removed, allowing for thorough cleaning.  The technology of Invisalign and the incredibly accurate process of moving teeth with the invisalign aligners actually results in  faster movement of teeth  and thus shorter time under treatment.  All these benefits and nobody even knows your wearing braces.