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February 18, 2016
Category: Oral Health
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BracesFind out the best time to start talking to your Frederick dentist about orthodontic options for your child.
As your child’s teeth come in, you may notice that they aren't as straight as you might have hoped for. Luckily, your Frederick dentist Dr. EJ Stringer at PearlFection Dentistry is here to help your little one get a straighter, healthier smile with orthodontia. Learn more about Invisalign and braces, and when it might be a good time for your child to get orthodontics.
What Time is the Right Time?
If your child is around seven years old, you may want to seek an orthodontic evaluation from your Frederick dentist to see if orthodontic treatment is right for them. This is highly recommended if your child has teeth that are growing in crooked, or if you notice overcrowding or gaps between teeth. 
The ideal time for orthodontic treatment will depend on the cause and severity of their dental problems. By the age of seven, your Frederick dentist can often see when malocclusions or overcrowding are happening or about to happen. Even if we evaluate your child’s smile at seven years old, this doesn’t mean that anything will happen right away. We will continue to monitor their condition and decide the ideal time for treatment.
Dr. EJ Stringer is a certified Invisalign provider, and would be happy to discuss whether Invisalign or braces are more appropriate for your child. If it is decided that they need more traditional orthodontic work, such as braces, we have relationships with many orthodontists in the Frederick, MD area that we can refer your child to for treatment.
Schedule a consultation with Dr. Stringer at Pearlfection dentistry today, and let’s help create the best smile possible for your child!