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Here are some Frequently asked questions PearlFection Dentistry gets about Orthodontic Treatment.

  1. I'm an adult over 50, am I too old for orthodontic treatment?

No one is too old for orthodontic treatment.  The benefits of a straight healthy smile last a lifetime, no matter what age you begin treatment.  As long as your gums are healthy, you too can have a beautiful smile!  And remember, orthodontics is not just for aesthetics.  Crowded teeth are hard to clean and can contribute to periodontal disease.  Many patients, over 50, choose to enter orthodontic treatment, some for cosmetic reasons and some for cosmetic and clinical reasons.  Adults make up a large part of our patients getting orthodontic treatment at Pearlfection.

  1. My general dentist says that he can do orthodontics, even braces, wouldn't it be better to use an trained orthodontist? Is there a difference in cost?

An orthodontist is a trained specialist that has a minimum of two years and usually three years of advanced training AFTER four years of dental school.  We are specialists in dentofacial orthopedics, meaning we not only move teeth but can alter jaw growth. A general dentist is simply not qualified or trained in this manner.  Many dentists take a one day or one weekend course to be able to move teeth with an aligner company that uses a computer algorithm to move the teeth.  A one day course is not a substitute for a qualified orthodontist that is overseeing your case, step by step.  Remember, an orthodontist was a dentist first then became an orthodontic specialist.  Orthodontics is all orthodontists do, even though they are fully trained in all aspects of general dentistry and graduated dental school with the same degree as all dentists.  Our strong advice is that anyone considering orthodontics, including Invisalign or clear aligners, seek out a licensed orthodontist to ensure the best possible care of your teeth straightening!  Oh and one more things, usually orthodontists don’t charge more for the same treatment as a general dentist for clear aligners, including Invisalign, but unlike a general dentist, an orthodontist will give you lots of options.

  1. What is faster traditionally braces or Invisalign?

Each individual case should be looked at uniquely.  Many times braces or an aligner system, like Invisalign or 3M, can achieve the same result in the same amount of time.  Consult you orthodontist to see what is right for you.

  1. Is Invisalign or clear aligners cheaper than traditionally brace?

Cost of braces or aligner system depends on each individual case.  Costs for traditional braces and clear aligners are usually very similar.  Costs are often a function of how long a patient needs the braces or aligners on.  An orthodontist should be monitoring your progress with office visits on a periodic basis during your treatment and often times after your treatment is completed.  The longer you’re in treatment, typically the higher the cost for orthodontics.

  1. When do orthodontists recommend Invisalign or clear braces over traditional braces?

Orthodontists may recommend traditional braces over an aligner system depending on the person and the case.  Each treatment plan should be tailored to the individual. Many times, a patient may have a choice between the two systems.  It really depends on the patient's preference.  Sometimes braces must be used, for example, in a surgical case.  Often younger patients have a hard time keeping up with removable aligners, so their parents opt for traditional braces.  But invisible aligners, whether they be 3M or Invisalign, can do almost everything traditional braces can do. 

  1. Are there any concerns about a child having removable clear aligners instead of traditional braces?

Younger children usually do better with their treatment if they have traditional braces.  With braces, much of the responsibility is on the orthodontist to provide the treatment because they can’t be removed….at least not easily.  With aligners, almost all of the responsibility falls on the child.  i.e. keeping track of wearing the aligners 20 hours a day and not losing them, or forget to wear them, etc.  There is nothing wrong with a child having removable clear aligners, but they need to responsible.  It is sometimes hard for parents to monitor their kids and kids don’t always tell the truth about how much they are actually wearing the aligners.  This can lead to treatment lasting longer than planned and lead to frustration for the patient and the parents. 

  1. What do braces costs?

Braces vary in cost depending on the severity of the case and the length of treatment time.  There is also a cost difference between a phase one treatment (younger children) and comprehensive treatment (teenagers and adults) Clear aligner treatment cost varies depending on the length of treatment time and area the patient resides in. Some patients simply want very slight movements of their teeth to correct or adjust something minor and only require orthodontic treatment for a few months.  That can cost around $1000 or even less.  While orthodontic cases that might last several years, when extensive movement of the teeth is required.  Cases lasting long periods of time can cost more than $6000.

  1. How long will my orthodontic treatment take?

Orthodontic treatment time may vary in length depending on the severity of the case.  Many times treatment can take a year or less!  However, with extensive movement of teeth, we have seen cases lasting longer than 2 years.  And most, if not all, orthodontic work requires long term retainers to keep teeth from shifting back to their original position. 

  1. What's an orthodontist and how do you become one?

An orthodontist is a specialist in dentofacial orthopedics and orthodontics.  Meaning we have the ability to alter jaw growth and move teeth within the jaw structure

In order to become an orthodontist in the United States, one must complete four years of college, then four years of dental school, and THEN three years of a orthodontic residency.  This is the same amount of time your pediatrician or your general internist physician spent in school!  Many general dentists these days can prescribe aligners, like Invisalign, but very few have the extensive experience that a trained and licensed orthodontist has. 

  1. Why is it important to have your general dentist and orthodontist communicating? Why is PearlFection better in the communication area than other general dentists?

It is always important to have your general dentist and orthodontist keep an open line of communication in regard to your treatment plan.  Whether a case is simple or complex it is imperative the dentist and orthodontist understand the patient's needs, the overall treatment plan, and the expected outcomes.   This allows for a smooth and enjoyable treatment process. Orthodontists usually want a general dentist to agree that the patient’s dentition is healthy enough for orthodontic treatment and if it is not, get the teeth and gums healthy before orthodontic work is begun.  This usually involves getting any infection under control and address decay.    At Pearlfection, with multiple general dentists and an array of specialists, all needs can usually be met, keeping the treatment in house with a close knit community of general practitioners, hygienists and specialists.  At Pearlfection Dentistry, all your notes, both from general dentists, hygienists, and specialists are in one place, allowing for efficient communication between general dentists and your orthodontist.

  1. Does dental insurance usually cover orthodontics treatment? Does PearlFection help me file a claim?

Dental insurances vary greatly. Some cover orthodontic treatment for all ages and others only cover orthodontic care up to a certain age, say 18.  It’s important to understand your insurance to maximize your benefits.  Most dental insurance have a lifetime benefit up to a certain amount and usually cover about 50% of the treatment up to that amount.  But all insurance companies look at orthodontic treatment differently.  At PearlFection Dentistry we will assign a case manager to you who will help you navigate the world of dental insurance.  We will also determine your benefits before you begin treatment so there are no surprises.  We will submit your claim to your insurance company and we can even submit a predetermination claim before treatment begins so we have a commitment from the Insurance company about how much they will pay.

  1. Does medical insurance usually cover orthodontic treatment?

No, medical insurance does not cover orthodontic treatment unless in certain situations like trauma that results in orthodontic treatment being necessary, but that is extremely rare. Do not expect your medical insurance to cover any orthodontic care.

  1. Do braces hurt when they get put on? Do they hurt when they are tightened?

Sometimes braces and aligners are uncomfortable when they first go on.  Remember we are trying to move teeth through bone, albeit slowly, so that pressure can be uncomfortable sometimes.  If its very painful or extremely uncomfortable, talk to your orthodontist and they will likely slow things down a bit.  Orthodontic treatment should never be painful. 

  1. Does a consultation cost anything?

At PearlFection Dentistry, orthodontic consultations are free, sending predeterminations to determine if insurance will cover anything is free and applying for financing is free. We usually give a full half hour free consultation with out orthodontist to answer any questions and determine what the patient’s options are. 

  1. At PearlFection Dentistry, can I pay in installments? How much every month?

Sure, we at PearlFection are very willing to allow payment plans, sometimes extending out beyond when your treatment ends. We want to do our best to make orthodontic treatment affordable.  Sometime monthly payments are pretty low, under $100 per month, but it depends on the extent of treatment and the length of time in treatment.

  1. Can I get different color braces?

Yes, you can get almost any color you want for your brackets.  Pink, Green, Purple, Red…..whatever you want…within reason.  Just give us a little time to special order.  These days, most people want braces and aligners clear.  We can of course do that.

  1. My friend threw away her invisible aligner? What happens if I do that?

If you throw away your orthodontic aligner, try to find it, but if you can’t it’s not the end of the world.  We can get you a new one and usually there is no cost……within limits.  We usually recommend you go back to your last aligner until we get the new one.  It will delay your treatment a little but not by much.  The aligner suppliers are pretty good these days to get us a replacement quickly. 

  1. How often do I need to come to the office after we start?

After you start Orthodontics, we typically have patients come back about every month or every 6 weeks, sometimes less often.  We want to make sure things are tracking appropriately and make any mid-course corrections as necessary. 

  1. If I don't wear my retainer, will my teeth move back to where they started?

Yes, yes, yes!!! You need to wear your retainer.  Teeth have a natural tendency to move back, at least part way, to their original location.  You need to be diligent about wearing your retainer.  Over time, your teeth get used to being in the new location but a retainer is essential, especially right after you complete your treatment, to keep teeth where we want them.  Over time, a retainer can usually just be worn at night. 


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November 04, 2020
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I need dentures. I really want implant-supported dentures but I have been told I don’t have enough bone in my upper jaw to secure a dental implant, what can I do?

We see this situation all the time. A patient presents with severe periodontal disease or trauma but still has her natural teeth or has had a denture for a long time and it’s just not working for her anymore. She has substantial bone loss as a result. She has already been to dentist that offers dentures but dentures are uncomfortable and don’t feel like real teeth and the patient is tired of not being able to eat what she wants. Her mouth hurts all the time. The dentist has told her that dental supported dentures (All-on-four dentures) are not an option due to the severe bone loss. The patient is frustrated and about to give up and is almost resigned to living with a sub-par smile, a sub-par denture, sub-par dental function and a sub-par overall experience. She just doesn’t know where to turn. Read on……we have a solution.

Are there solutions if I have severe bone loss?

There is something called a zygomatic implant or zygomal implant or zygoma implant. It is an extra-long implant that doesn’t screw into the maxilla bone (upper jaw bone), but instead, passes through that bone and attaches to the Zygoma (the cheek bone in laymen’s terms). The advantage of this is the surgeon who places the implants, does not rely on weak or deteriorated maxillary bone but instead uses the strong Zygoma bone to secure the implant and in return secure the denture in place. These zygoma implants work in conjunction with 3 to 5 other implants placed in the upper jaw to support the denture, which can be permanently fixed in place. The result is a strong structure that allows implant supported dentures to be worn, when otherwise they would not be an option.

See pictures of zygoma implants


What should I look for in a dental practice that does Zygoma implant-supported dentures?

The challenge with this procedure is finding a dental team that can perform this procedure. Remember, every dentist in the State of Maryland is legally allowed to place implants. This does not mean they do, will or should. Even fewer dentists are able to place zygomatic implants. That’s because very few dentist, or even oral surgeons, have the training and experience to confidently place these unique dental implants. When choosing a doctor to place these implants here are a few things you should ask.

1) How many of this type of implants has the doctor placed. Not how many regular implants has he or she placed but how many zygoma implants has he/she placed.

2) Do they have an onsite CBCT system to accurately map the bone structure in 3D? This is important because guiding the implant screw to the proper spot is measured in millimeters and placement is critical

3) Who is going to design, secure and build the denture (also called the hybrid or implant-supported prosthesis)? Is that person a board-certified prosthodontist or just a general dentist? Be careful here, again, all dentists in Maryland can legally make and insert a denture, but prosthodontists go to school for years and years, even after their 4 years of undergraduate university and 4 years of dental school to learn the art and science about dentures, even fewer prosthodontists are well versed in implant supported dentures and even fewer with Zygomatic implants. So make sure you ask, how many zygomatic implant supported dentures have you done Doc?

Choosing your materials:

So now you have your team of surgeons and prosthodontists who are going to do the zygomatic implant-supported denture. You’re not done. Now you need to understand the materials that the denture is going to be made out of. There are a lot of choices from acrylic to zirconia, to dental ceramics. They all come with a different price tag. Make sure you ask, who is going to fabricate my denture and are they using the best material? Is the lab tech going to be on site when we do the procedure, in case there are modifications that need to be done?

The actual procedure:

Ok, you have made it this far and you’re ready to have the work done. It's going to cost you about what a nice foreign sports car costs so be prepared and don’t get sticker shock, somewhere between $20K to $40K per arch (you have two arches, upper and lower) is what you should expect. The practice schedules you for almost an entire day and makes the arrangements.

First comes the oral surgeon.The surgeon will do a few things depending on your situation. Most patients want to be sedated during the surgical part of the “all-on-four” process. This is usually done with IV sedation, this will bring the patient to a level of sedation that will allow the procedures to be done comfortably and most patients have no memory of the surgery. Most cases involve extracting any teeth that are still in the way, from just a few stragglers to a full mouth extraction including wisdom teeth. The surgeon will then use a special bone saw to “table the bone” also called alveoloplasty. This is done to make sure the denture has a good level surface to adhere to once the implants are placed. When the bone is nice and level, the surgeon will begin placing the implants. Using tools that resemble a miniature ratchet and drill set the dental implants are placed in the bone. Some implants are placed with a guide and other can be done free hand, depending on the judgement of the surgeon. Most implants penetrate somewhere between 8 and 14mm into the bone, Zygoma implants are a lot longer, they will range somewhere between 35 and 60 mm depending on the patient’s facial structure. The entire surgical process can take a few hours. Once it is done its time for the prosthodontist or the prosthodontist and lab technician to do their thing.

The prosthodontist.The prosthodontist is the quarterback who will do most of the planning, selection of materials, and communication with the patient. And, now that the implants are secured in the patient’s jaw, the prosthodontist will begin the custom work of securing the temporary denture to the implants. The temporary denture was fabricated previously in anticipation of the patient walking out with a “same day denture”, which is kind of a misnomer, because getting to this point took more than one day. Working carefully the prosthodontist and dental lab tech adjust the denture so it fits properly onto the implants and the gum, using something called an abutment. Abutments are devices that secure the denture to the implant. Abutments often will be angled in this type of scenario because the zygoma implants will likely be at such an angle to ensure it properly penetrate the zygoma bone and ends up in the right location so it meets the denture exactly. The angle of the abutment corrects for this angulation so the denture fits squarely on the newly tabled bone. The prosthodontist will make a few more modifications to ensure a comfortable fit and tightens the denture to the implants.

High 5s. At this point, the prosthodontist holds up a mirror to the patient so they can see their new teeth. It’s a pretty special moment. Here is a patient who for years has been embarrassed by their teeth. The teeth have been barely functional. The patient has been in pain due to periodontal disease and in the course of 6-8 hours, their life has been changed. The patient, who is still in a bit of discomfort due primary to the extractions and bone reduction work, still manages a big toothy smile, high 5s the dental team and is scheduled for a follow up in a few weeks to make sure everything is healing properly. But right now, the patient walks out of the practice with a brand-new set of teeth and a new outlook on life.

A few months later, after the swelling is down and the implants have integrated better and the gums have healed, the permanent denture is placed. This denture is made out of more permanent materials and if all goes well, will last years, even decades.

Who can do this type of work?

There are very few dental practices with the type of expertise to do “All on 4, implant supported dentures”. And even fewer that can do Zygoma implants for patients with severe bone loss. There is however a team of dentists, oral surgeons and prosthodontists called the” PearlFection Team” in Frederick Maryland, about an hour drive from Baltimore or Washington DC that is a world leader in this type of procedure. The doctors who do these procedures have perfected their technique at Walter Reed Hospital, yep, the same hospital that takes care of the President of the United States. They either did their rotations through Walter Reed, or were the leaders of the dental clinic, achieving notable distinction and perfecting their art. They have taken these skills and joined forces to provide the patients at PearlFection Dentistry in Frederick Maryland a quality of care that is second to none.

Who can get a consultation? Do I need to be famous or rich?

PearlFection Dentistry in Frederick Maryland, offers free consultation for anyone who wants to learn more about dentures, implant supported dentures, implants and zygoma implants. PearlFection doctors will even consult by phone for patients who live in other states or other countries. The team speaks English, Korean, Spanish, Hindi, Farsi, Tagalog and American Sign. If you or someone you know is frustrated with the level of care you have received, or have been told you are not a candidate for implant-supported dentures due to bone loss, or simply want options regarding dentures, give the PearlFection Team a call and get a consultation. They can make you smile.

The office phone number is 301-663-5550. The office is open 6 days per week and patients’ first appointment is usually a one on one screening appointment with a doctor, to better understand the patient’s goals and usually lasts about an hour.

PearlFection Dentistry invests in state of the art Cone Beam CT scanner (3D imaging), Panoramic X-ray System, and Cephalometric X-ray system

PearlFection Dentistry's obsession with providing the best general, emergency and specialty dental care in the State of Maryland and surrounding region, all under one roof and for all ages has driven the need to invest heavily in State of the Art imaging technology.

FREDERICK, Md. - Nov. 17, 2019 - PRLog -- Consistent with the PearlFection Dentistry's mission of providing the best dental care in the Maryland and DC and Baltimore region, the decision was made this week to purchase the state of the art in imaging technology. The new system called the VAtech Green CT2 will allow our team of general dentists, orthodontists, oral surgeons, endodontists, periodontists, prosthodontists, and pediatric dentists, to more accurately diagnose and treat dental issues and deliver precise diagnoses by providing more accurate 3 dimensional images of the jaw, air way and head.

PearlFection Dentistry - 3D imaging

More specifically it will allow our:

  • Endodontists to accurately plan root canals by more clearly identifying infections, the number and path of tooth roots and more accurately identify tooth cracks.
  • Oral surgeons and periodontists to plan implant surgery by placing the implants in simulated 3D images prior to surgery so ideal bone structure can be accessed, proper depth and size of implants are used, and surgical guides can be fabricated specific to each patient. Oral Surgeons will also be able to take 3D images of any unusual features that concern them, to better identify pathology and give our surgeons one more tool to identify things like oral cancer faster, so appropriate treatment can be provided early.
  • Prosthodontists to create 3D images of jaw structure so highly accurate denture planning can be done resulting in extremely well fitting and comfortable implant supported dentures or standard dentures.
  • Orthodontists, general dentists and pediatric dentists to cooperate together and with our other specialists to more accurately understand what is happening in a patient's mouth, so accurate comprehensive dental treatment plan can be formulated.

All in all, the cone beam CT, pan, ceph will make PearlFection Dentistry in Frederick and Urbana Maryland, the one stop treatment option for patients in the Maryland, DC, WV, PA and Virginia region who seek exception dental care.

If you don't know much about the comprehensive dental care that PearlFection Dentistry can provide to you and your family, please visit our website at or or call (301)663-5550 (Frederick, MD) or (301) 831-8303 (Urbana, MD).We see all ages of patients from children to seniors and we have all our doctors and specialists under one roof. We are accepting new patients at both locations and we are obsessed with customer service.

Come Visit our New Modern Location

PearlFection Dentistry - Urbana is moving from 3280 Urbana Pike, Ijamsville to 3520 Sugarloaf Parkway, Urbana MD (next to Giant Supermarket Urbana) October 25th 2019

After almost 13 years in the same location at 3280 Urbana Pike in Ijamsville, we have decided to upgrade our office and move to a more convenient location next to the Giant Supermarket in the Villages of Urbana. We will be moving about 1 mile, so it’s not a big move, but it will allow for better parking and more convenience for our patients who live in Urbana. We are also upgrading the facility and equipment. The new address is 3520 Sugarloaf Parkway, Urbana Maryland 21704.

After almost a year of planning, we are finally ready. The new space is more modern and better equipped. At the new space, we will have two general doctors, 2 hygienists, an orthodontist and a pediatric doctor. More specialists will be added over time to better reflect the needs of the community and duplicate our Frederick office model, with oral surgeons, prosthodontists, endodontists and periodontists. All patients will have access to our specialists in Frederick or Urbana.

PearlFection Dentistry will also be making a slight name change to reflect our growing orthodontic practice. Our new sign will read PearlFection Dentistry and Orthodontics.

Not only do we want to provide great customer service and dental care, but we also want to provide the best value. This new office is an investment in our patient’s care and comfort, and an investment in our Frederick and Urbana community. If you don’t have a cleaning set up or if you have any questions, please call (301) 831-8303.

Not only do we want to provide great customer service and dental care, but we also want to provide the best value. This new office is an investment in our patient’s care and comfort, and an investment in our Frederick and Urbana community.

If you don’t have a cleaning set up or if you have any questions, please call (301) 831-8303.

Other than the new space, everything is remaining the same, same website address, same phone number (301) 831-8303, same pricing, same insurance carriers, same team of doctors and staff, Dr Lawson and Dr Pashai (Urbana general doctors), Dr. Tigani (Orthodontist), Dr Oakes (Pediatric Doctor), Dr Chang and Perez (Oral Surgeons), Dr Seals (Periodontist), Dr Chi (Prosthodontist) and Dr Stringer and Badakhshan (Frederick general doctors).

Below is a map to help you see where we will be. Click on link for directions:

Click Here for Directions

PearlFection has become a true “One Stop Multi-Specialty Practice” with On-Staff Orthodontist, Pediatric Dentist, Prosthodontist, Periodontist, Two Oral Surgeons and Endodontist

As a patient, you already know PearlFection Dentistry provides superior preventative, general and restorative care. But sometimes patients say they didn’t realize that we have some of the best specialist dentists in the region working at PearlFection. Having your dental care performed all under one roof by true experts with specialized training, increases the likelihood for the best possible outcome. Some offices refer out specialty procedures like wisdom teeth extractions, root canals, complex denture cases and implant supported dentures, periodontal surgery and orthodontic work; making managing the follow-up and planning difficult. Some office let the general dentist do some specialized procedures. Our philosophy at PearlFection is to get the absolute best clinician, with the most training, to do specific procedures. We want the best for our patients and we don’t settle, neither should you.

Orthodontist - Dr Steven Tigani is our orthodontist, with 30 years of experience. Dr Tigani owns 5 other orthodontic practices around the Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland areas. He is one of the leading orthodontists in the region and is the President of the Washington Dental Society. Dr Tigani provides both clear aligners as well and standard orthodontic bracket type braces and retainers.

Oral Surgeons - Dr Brian Chang and Dr Leo Perez are our board-certified oral surgeons. Dr Chang and Perez perform our dental implants and major extractions and oral surgery. Dr Chang has his other office in Leesburg, VA and was a former Army Oral Surgeon before starting his own private practice. Dr Perez is full time military and comes to Pearlfection two or three days per week, his is one of the leading oral surgeons in the world and holds both a medical surgical degree and an oral surgery dental degree. Both Dr Chang and Dr Perez are licensed to perform IV sedation at Pearlfection.

Periodontist - Dr Ashley Seals is our board-certified Periodontist. Dr Seals will perform more complex gum surgeries and complex scaling and root planing when patients have periodontal disease. Dr Seals also has her other office in Silver Springs, MD.

Prosthodontist - Dr Amos Chi is our board-certified and world renown prosthodontist who performs our most complex denture cases. Dr Chi is also the lead prosthodontist at Walter Reed Hospital and comes to PearlFection 2 or 3 times per week. Dr Chi specializes in dentures and complex implant supported dentures cases. Dr Chi will team up with our oral surgeons and periodontist who will place the implants and Dr Chi will design and fit the denture to the implants. This is state of the art denture work and PearlFection is one of the leaders in the region in this procedure.

Pediatric Dentist - Dr Leslie Oakes is a board-certified pediatric dentist. Dr Oakes sees children if our general doctors determine that the child needs certain more complex treatment. Dr Oakes is also a full time military dentist and spends the rest of her time treating children at Walter Reed Hospital.

Endodontist - Dr Pratik Patel is our board-certified endodontist. Dr Patel performs root canals at PearlFection Dentistry and has become the number one reviewed endodontist in the Frederick region.

In-office Dental Insurance for less than $1 per day and we accept everyone.

PearlFection Dentistry continues to offer in-office insurance to all patients. For less than a dollar per day, most patients can have all their preventative dental care taken care of. This insurance has been so popular because it’s a great deal. The insurance covers cleanings, x-rays, exams, fluoride, oral cancer screening as well as gets the insured 10 percent off basic dental care and 10 percent off specialty care. If you don’t have insurance or you pay for your employer sponsored plan PearlFection In-Office Insurance is something you should consider. If you come 2 times per year for cleanings, you will save over $100 per year.

Refer a Friend and both of you get $400 whitening vouchers = $800

You might already know this, but PearlFection has a program that rewards our patients for referring friends to our practice. If you give this to a friend, and they become a patient you will get a free $400 whitening and so will they. That’s an $800 card, ask for it at your next appointment! So, help a friend get great dental care and help yourself get whiter teeth. We are accepting new patients.

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Kids’ Checkup and cleaning at Pearlfection – Mom and Dad, now that the school year is under way and you are through that first crazy week, take a breath and next give us a call to get the whole family in for cleanings and dental checkups.  PearlFection Dentistry in Urbana and Frederick is one of the few practices in the region with 16 operating rooms.  Why is that important for a busy family?   Because it means your entire family can come in and all be seen at once, in and out in 1 hour.  Of course, times and availability are limited but we bend over backwards to accommodate your busy schedule and with 11 doctors on staff, including Dr Leslie Oaks, a board-certified pediatric dentist, we can take care of both the simple and most complicated children dental cases. 

PearlFection Dentistry adds 2nd Oral Surgeon – We already had one of the best oral surgeons in the Delmarva region in Dr Brian Chang, Board-Certified Oral Surgeon, and word must have gotten out because we got almost too busy.  At that point, the doctors and management made the decision to begin searching for another oral surgeon to compliment Dr Chang.  PearlFection is proud to announce that we have recruited Dr Leo Perez, Board Certified Oral Surgeon and Board-Certified General Surgeon.  That’s right, not only is Dr Perez a dentist, but he’s also an MD.  And it doesn’t stop there.  Dr Perez is the head surgeon at Walter Reed Hospital, so when we say we got a great oral surgeon to compliment our team, we did, with one of the best oral surgeons in the region.  Both Dr Chang and Dr Perez will perform wisdom tooth extractions, biopsy, bone graphs, dental implant placements.  Both Dr Chang and Dr Perez are authorized to perform IV Sedation at the Thomas Johnson facility in Frederick Maryland. 

PearlFection Dentistry now offers IV Sedation for both Wisdom Teeth extractions as well as restorative dentistry – If you are afraid of the dentist and simply want to be put to sleep while the procedures are done, ask us about IV Sedation.  IV Sedation is offered at PearlFection Dentistry for both children and adults.  We also offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral sedation (Valium) and of course local anesthesia.  We encourage all patients to discuss with their dentist which, if any, sedation option is best for them.

PearlFection Dentistry Hires Pedodontist (children’s dentist) – PearlFection is pleased to announce that we have hired Dr Leslie Oakes, Board-Certified Pediatric dentist.  Dr Oakes comes to us from Walter Reed Hospital.  Dr Oakes will perform anything from extractions to cleaning for kids and is fully versed in sedation for children.  Patients from both Frederick and Urbana are welcome to schedule with Dr Oakes.

PearlFection Dentistry Hires Prosthodontist (Denture Specialist) – Pearlfection Dentistry in Frederick and Urbana is pleased to announce that we have hired Dr Amos Chi – Board-Certified Prosthodontist.    Dr Chi specializes in dentures, including implant supported dentures.  The beauty of having implant supported dentures done at PearlFection Dentistry is that our dentist form a team, where the best specialist does his or her part.  Dr Chi will act as the quarterback and will team up with either PearlFection’s oral surgeons Dr Brian Chang or Dr Leo Perez or PearlFection’s periodontist, Dr Ashley Seals, Board Certified Periodontist, who will do the dental implants and the teeth extractions. Once the implants are placed, Dr Chi will secure the denture to the implants.  Sometimes this can be done in one day.  If you have been considering dentures or implant supported dentures, please schedule a  consultation.  Dr Chi’s team can review with you which denture option is best for your situation and figure out a good path forward.

PearlFection Dentistry offers free Orthodontic evaluation for all kids – If you are considering braces for your children PearlFection Dentistry in Frederick and Urbana Maryland is pleased to offer free 30-minute orthodontic consultations with our orthodontist Dr Stephen Tigani.  During these sessions, Dr Tigani will create a personal plan for each child, talk to you about treatment options, including Invisalign or other clear aligner options or discuss if standard braces are a better alternative.  Dr Tigani’s team is also available to discuss costs and financing options.