Orthodontics Improve the Health of Your Whole Smile

Orthodontics Improve the Health of Your Whole Smile

Orthodontics are like a bridge between cosmetic and general dentistry. Although we tend to mostly focus on the aesthetic results of braces or Invisalign - noticeably straighter and symmetrical teeth - their main purpose is to correct bite and alignment problems that can impact both our oral and general health if left untreated.Braces

Orthodontics Treatment in Urbana

Depending on the type and severity, malocclusions (bite and alignment problems with the teeth and jaw) can cause a range of issues, from difficulty chewing, to jaw pain and facial deformities in extreme cases. Spacing and overcrowding of the teeth can also interfere with effective oral hygiene, potentially increasing the risks of tooth decay and gum disease (periodontitis) as a result.

Crooked Teeth or Malocclusion? How to Know When Orthodontics are Necessary

The dentists at Urbana, MD-based Pearlfection Dentistry can diagnose and treat potential bite problems before the teeth have fully developed, which is why orthodontia is so common in childhood and early adolescence (however it is never too late to invest in oral health, and braces are appropriate and often necessary in adulthood as well).

It might sound counterintuitive, but orthodontics actually encourage better oral hygiene and nutrition. Daily brushing and flossing are especially important while wearing braces, and certain foods like hard, sugary candy, gum, and any foods that can get stuck in or crack a wire or bracket need to be avoided, which can help children and teenagers establish healthy oral and general health habits. Orthodontics are an investment and commitment in strong, healthy, and attractive teeth, and maintaining them usually becomes a priority long after the braces are finally removed.

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For more information on pediatric and adult orthodontics treatment, contact Pearlfection Dentistry in Urbana, MD by calling 301-831-8303 to schedule an appointment today.

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