PearlFection Dentistry talks about providing Comprehensive Dental Care.

PearlFection Dentistry talks about providing Comprehensive Dental Care.

What does that mean and why should I care and don’t all dentists provide this?

Two years ago, PearlFection began a transformation.  Our goal was to provide the best and the most comprehensive dental care in the region and we believe we are achieving that goal!  As part of that goal, we wanted to treat all members of the family, from children, to adults, to seniors, and to provide most dental services under one roof, so patients did not have to get some procedures done elsewhere.  With the addition of Dr Chang to our practice and his oral surgery specialty skills, Dr Patel for endodontics and Dr Stringer for children and orthodontics, we are providing almost every type of dental care at our Thomas Johnson Drive location. Dr Chang and Dr Patel are now fully equipped to do even the most complicated root canals and oral surgery.  Our general doctors, Dr Stringer and Dr Radmanesh see the entire family for general and cosmetic dentistry, even young children and the elderly, and our hygienist provide standard and deep cleanings.  We see children as young as 1 year old. 

At PearlFection Dentistry we offer “Comprehensive Dental Care” for most of your dental needs.   Comprehensive Dental Care means our practice can take care of most of your families’ dental needs under one roof, which translates into more convenience for our patients, better communication between your treating doctors, lower costs for patients, and ultimately better health care.   Very few offices can provide this level of care. 

Sometimes patients are anxious about dental procedures.  To accommodate these patients, we offer sedation at our Frederick office.  We can administer sedation gas (nitrous oxide) in all operatories and we can combine gas and Halcion (triazolam – an anti-anxiety medication) to safely reach a state of very low anxiety. 

The clinical part is the heart of any dental practice, but the support structure is critical as well.  At PearlFection Dentistry, our front office team will do their part to ensure your insurance benefits are maximized and that you understand the financial responsibilities of any treatment prior to that treatment being performed.   We do their best to schedule an appointment as quickly and as conveniently as possible.

Comprehensive Dentistry is our goal and we are constantly evolving to add additional treatments and the state of the art equipment  so we can provide the most advanced and most comprehensive dental care in the region.  If there is anything we can do to make your visit to us even better, please do not hesitate to give us some guidance.

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