Saving Trees, and Saving Mailing Expenses

Saving Trees, and Saving Mailing Expenses

For our patients and our practice, is Improving Communications with Email Invoicing

Some of our patients asked if we could find a way better way to communicate with them for things like reminders, invoices, patient file transfers, and basic communication.  We had already tackled the reminders, patient file transfer and basic communication by integrating software with our practice management system and email.  That  move allowed us to send electronic reminders via email and text.  We also installed an email system that allowed us to safely send patients communications and files.  The next step was to implement a system where we could start sending invoices via email. 

We are happy to say that this is now operational.  Starting immediately we will stop sending invoices thorough the mail and start sending them through email, assuming our patients don’t specifically request not to receive invoices via email and assuming the patients have an active email account.  If you still want a traditional mail invoice, we can still accommodate that, but speed, safety, and costs are enhanced on both the practice side and the patient side by using electronic invoices and on-line bill pay though your bank.  The result is no more stamps, no risk of mail being tampered with, and confirmation that correspondence got received.  All that benefit and no trees are cut down in the process, so it’s good for the environment.    If you have any questions or want to ensure we have an accurate email address, please call our office.

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